Wednesday, June 10, 2009


so i am laying on the couch instead of doing what it is that i am suppose to be doing.....packing. ugghhhh!!! i love to move, i love the excitment, i love the purging of the old and the anticipation of reinventing my style. unfortunaltly the process to get us there is so tulmultuous. i feel like i have been packing forever. one time, i packed and moved all of my furniture and household stuff in five hours, (don't ask). this is better though, i really am getting rid of everything. i like the idea of become a minimalist.

i swore to myself when i got rid of my storage unit, that i would never ever ever get another, guess what i am going to do tomorrow. see i have a little bitty truck and a lot of stuff. i am going to end up sticking everything that is mine that i want to keep forever, in a storage unit here in sunny Florida. i am just hoping that a hurricane does not blow through and take everything that i own. i have always feared that here in Florida, and now i am basically abandoning everything that i value leaving it here. hmmmm, maybe i should rethink this, and take everything with me.

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  1. been there, done that. want to see you before you leave!

    Rick & Kathryn