Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Day 4


Elvis has left the building. (or Gibson is outta Florida)

Oh my, what a day. Alrighty, I finally got started on the road about 10ish. It was hard, to leave, my car wanted to go south on CR1, but, I didn’t, headed out and away I went. My biggest fear was that the mechanical of my New (old) truck would fail me. Since I left Tampa I have had in the pit of my stomach kind of fear. But, once I got going all of that fear melted away, oh, that is until I ran into bumper to bumper road construction traffic on the west side of Tallahass. And yes, I was stuck off the road in the middle. Down to one lane slow and go and then my clutch got a vapor lock. Putting on the gas and going NOWHERE fast. The guy that was kind enough to let me cut in front of him was then my Good Samaritan pushing my car with me across the yellow line so that traffic could get by. I was shaking so hard, and my heart was pumping in my ears (my aerobic work out for the day I guess). Anyway, I sat there for a few, called the brother, he said “Don’t panic, let it cool down and it will be fine” and he was right. and yes, my cat and dog and I all got very very hot waiting in the sweltering heat of a balmy June day. So, with that fear out of my way, now I know, I know how to handle that whole thingy, “it’s all good”

It is late; I am tucked down in a crackhouse like edition of a motel on the west side of Mobile. Cheap, clean room, and they always allow pets. But….the parking lot is to busy at midnight and I am just saying, the people here and their behavior are suspect…I really need to up grade to a better class of hotel.

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