Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Day One

i pulled out of my driveway at 9:30pm last night. as i drove away with my truck loaded down, filled to capacity including Startoes (cat) and Mel (dog), i began thinking of all the things that i didn't do "OneLastTime," conscienciously knowing and being aware that the act at that moment would be the very last time that i may do whatever it was that i was doing.

Things I didn't do......

  • ride my bike up the beach.

  • have fun with Mary

  • Veterans park and watch the boats.

  • eat at the Hurricane.

  • botanical gardens in Sarasota.

  • Key West.

  • walk Mel at night around the neighborhood.

  • have a martini with Kelly at Carrabba's

Things I did do.....

  • walked Mel out on 161st ave. causeway

  • Clearwater Marine Aquarium (the only thing that has made me melancholy)

  • ate at Sloppy Joe's and went to the Drum Circle with Kristina and Nancy.

  • walk on the beach at night barefoot.

  • Tarpon Springs and Hella's.

  • Honeymoon island and walk to the point.

  • Kayaked on Boca Ciega Bay with Nancy.

  • Ran my 3 mile loop.

  • said my last goodbye to my Dad. not sure if i will ever see him again, at least, not alive.

  • took Mel over to Madeira Beach Middle to run around.

  • fished with Johnny at Pass-A-Grille.

  • ate breakfast at the Seahorse.

  • had Laura do my hair.

  • went to the beach with Tiffany.

  • gave Joann a big hug (and told her not to smoke one more time).

  • walk to Redington pier.

i am not sure why we can't enjoy the things that we do with as much pleasure as thinking it may be the last time. to live in the moment all the time.......

by the way, i am still in Florida. my sister asked me, "you really don't want to leave do you?" and the answer is NO. i love it here. i am going to hang tight up here in Dunedin for a day or so. visit Honeymoon Island (one more last time). have a little vacation and take in some sun and sand before i hit the road.

Hakuna Matata. I have no place to be at no particular time.

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