Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking the dog.

I love to walk my dog. We go everyday, twice a day, all over. I like it especially when we leave early early in the morning before any other dogs are out. She is a barky little one when it comes to other dogs so I have to either avoid them or get after my dog and scold her for barking. When we are walking a lot, we can walk up to ten miles a day. On an average day we walk about five miles or so. Here lately I have been up really late every night, so then, I get up late. I don't get to walk as much in the morning and I hate it!! I gotta have my morning walk, it helps me clear my head and start the day right. I don't know what I would do if we couldn't walk. We even go in the rain, she has a cute little raincoat, kinda like the Santa coat.

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