Tuesday, February 17, 2009

i am so sick

tis the season to share the germs.

i really thought i would not get sick this year. but, i took my days and nights to the edge one to many times i guess. you know how you can feel like you might be getting sick but, you decide to get a little more rest or maybe, go buy some orange juice and drink it ALL. then, you are fine. yeah, well, i did all that......and then, the next day came, and then the next day, less and less sleep, more and more stress. HA. i am sick and boy, i can be a real cranky monster when i am sick. not because i am sick, but, just because i am so tired. i do not do well when i am tired.

oh, how i wish, i had a bowl of grandma's chicken soup. it is true you know, what they say about soup and being sick. warm from the inside with the scruptious joy of chicken and pasta.

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