Thursday, March 5, 2009

i read the paper everyday....

and sometimes, i get to the point where i just can't read it anymore.

today, i sat and reread the headline over and over, i just couldn't get past it. couldn't wrap my mind around the situation laid out in the story. "only one survivor" "the other three never found"


what does this mean? (go ahead, google the definition, i did)

funny, but, i was thinking the exact same thing the very night before, when i heard how he had been found and the others had not. but now, my thoughts are brought together in just one word ....... providence.

there has to be a reason, a reason that this man lived and the others did not. somehow, i hope he uses his good fortune to touch others lives, to bring others to a destiny that they could not achieve without help and guidance. in the long run, isn't that really what we are here for? to help each other achieve to the best of our ability the purpose of our lives? whatever that purpose is. "The sky's the limit."

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